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According to what criteria should political leaders name majoritarian candidates?

Wednesday, July 18
“I think that majoritarian candidate should have the following features: he/she must be competent, educated, and intellectual. He/she should be active towards the electorate and not towards the government, they must be aware that they were elected by people, should serve them and not to the authorities.”
Mzia, Teacher, 50

“I think that two main characteristics are essential in this situation: experience and decency. I would take those two features into consideration if I were a political leader.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“I believe that majoritarian candidates should be reliable and experienced. Each leader should pay attention on how much trust and experience candidates have, as to my mind these two features are the most important.”
Mani, employed, 27

“Majoritarians should be named according to professionalism, view of some philosophy etc. liberalism, or socialism - they should know at least what these theories mean; besides that they should have experience in law, economics and international relations.”
Iako, Reporter, 21

“The majoritarian candidate should know the problems of the region where he or she has been nominated, otherwise it will be impossible to carry out the programs within their mandate.”
Tornike, Manager, 27

“They should be selected according to their eligibility for the position, their knowledge of the administrative unit that they are running for and according to their willingness to address local issues.”
Mirian, IT Specialist, 32

“I think they should take into consideration public relation towards any particular candidate. Reputation also does matter.”
Tamar, banker, 38