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Problems in the middle class

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, July 19
Independent analysts suggest that around 80% of the Georgian population is poor and living on or under the poverty line. Only around 15-17% comprises the middle class, there is only 3-5% that is considered rich, with no material problems. Unfortunately, there is a tendency that many from the middle class become poor and the difference becomes very significant between the rich and poor. Of course this is not only Georgia’s problem, this is a worldwide tendency. International research shows that the gap between the rich and poor increases. Even in the developed Western countries like Germany, Finland as well as in the USA, Israel and New Zealand. International analysts suggest that there are certain conditions to decrease the gaps between the rich and poor that would be envisage the form of the labor market. Secondly, educational reform should be implemented so that everybody should be able to receive a high qualification. The third is the taxation system which will tax richer people.