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Party ratings indications

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, July 19
The elections will be held in approximately 3 months from now. But the election race is already gaining speed. There are increased speculations about different entities. In particular– the results of the recent NDI research… these results became a matter of hot debate. Although the major opposition force Georgian Dream made a clear-cut statement that it does not trust NDI’s results, the media still keeps speculating about it. The controversies are about the question:

“If the elections are held tomorrow, which political party will you vote for?”

NDI results were as follows: UNM 36%, Georgian Dream 18%, and Christian Democrats 3%.

75% of those asked expressed their intention to participate in the elections. The overall results of this polling are a demonstration that the major battle will be held between two confronting forces: the ruling National Movement and Ivanishvili-led Georgian Dream Coalition. The Christian Democrats have not even overcome the barrier of 5% so far. So there is no conversation about the existence of a third pole and the forces are divided into two major portions. Commentators say that the results show the polarization of the country, as well as the reality of those two forces who lead currently in fact “kills” other parties.

The representatives of the National Movement Party admit that their results show a certain setback from the polling carried out prior to this latest one. However, they are satisfied that their performance is still twice as large as that of the Georgian Dream. The ruling power representatives even express their opinion that if the polling would have been conducted after Vano Merabishvili’s appointment as PM, the results would have been much better. However the results are indicating a decrease in the overall rating of the National Movement by 11 points and an increase of Georgian Dream by 8 points. Independent analysts underline the trend that the rating of the Georgian Dream is increasing. There are some undercurrent hints in the results as well. For instance, about 80% of the respondents say that there are social problems in the country, so presumably they will be voting against the ruling party.