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Thursday, July 19
Ukrainian alpinists die on Ushba

Rescuers are searching for two Ukrainian alpinists who died tragically in Svaneti, while climbing one of the peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, Ushba, in the Svaneti Region of Georgia. The accident occurred when the alpinists climbed up the peak and were getting down. Reportedly, the rope on which they were hanging tore down and the two alpinists fell into the ravine. Currently a rescue operation is underway; other members of the Ukrainian crew of alpinists are also trying to help them; they are passing the same route to help rescuers find the bodies of the dead alpinists.

Four Ukrainian alpinists arrived in Georgia to climb Ushba on July 13. (Rustavi 2)

The rehabilitation of Shatili towers will presumably begin at the end of the week

The rehabilitation of Shatili towers will presumably begin at the end of the week, "InterPressNews" was told by Giorgi Gagoshidze the art critic of the National Agency for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. According to him, the company that won the tender for the restoration project, will send its restoration crew to Shatili later at the end of the week and will begin working on the rehabilitation and preservation of the towers. According to Gagoshidze, a survey of the complex, Shatili showed that the restoration work should be done for the 43rd, 44th and 45th towers. The 44th tower has been particularly affected, the wall of which was damaged due to the recent heavy rain. Gagoshidze stated this is the first phase of the repair work. Then the work on the restoration and preservation should be conducted throughout the complex of Shatili.

However, according to the agency, 60.000 GEL was allocated for the rehabilitation of these towers. (IPN)

Prime Minister arrives in Kareli

Prime Minister Vano Merabishvili arrived in the town of Kareli yesterday and visited the fruit garden of Tamaz Totladze. The Prime Minister viewed the new system of irrigation installed in the apple garden of the locals. The Prime Minister talked with the host and introduced the governmental program of harvest storing and realization, which includes the formation of a state-owned company. In addition, the government plans to arrange special refrigeration systems for storing the harvest in Georgia’s regions, which will be capable of storing 40,000 tons of products. Vano Merabishvili spoke about the need to assist farmers to have a better harvest and to export their product. (Rustavi 2)

The United Water Supply Company of Georgia offers the population in the regions write off of 50% of debts

The United Water Supply Company of Georgia has offered the population in the regions to write off 50% of debts. A press conference on this issue was held yesterday by the company's head, Irakli Kvashilava. He said that all the customers will be able to take advantage of this proposal. According to Kvashilava, at this stage the amount of total debt is about 5-6 million GEL. This offer will last until 1st of October. Customers can apply at the company's service centers across the country.

Kvashilava said the service centers have been opened in all the municipalities. Subscribers should address the company's service centers and specify their debt. (IPN)

Court sends three members of GD to custody

Three members of the Georgian Dream Coalition, who were arrested and charged with `pretended bargain with voters`, have been taken into custody for two-months. Merab Kachakhidze, Teimuraz Sheklashvili and Tariel Kardava were tried at the Tbilisi City Court together today. The three were arrested on July 16. They do not plead guilty and plan to appeal the court ruling. The appeal is scheduled to be discussed on September 4th. (Rustavi 2)

NDP calls on citizens to reject ruling party program

National Democratic Party of Georgia calls on the citizens of Georgia to reject the pre-election program of the ruling party United National Movement published Monday. Guram Chakhvadze announced at the briefing yesterday that Georgian citizens should not support the ruling party and its program and to explain why, the NDP invites the National Movement to political debates.

`The National Democratic Party calls on Georgian people to say no to this program and do not sign the agreement with the ruling party. At the same time, we are inviting the party leaders to political debates, where we`ll explain why Georgian people should not support the National Movement,` Guram Chakhvadze said.

The election program of the ruling party entitled Agreement with Georgia aims signing agreement with each citizen of Georgia thus taking responsibility to fulfill all details of the program during next four years. (Rustavi 2)

David Gamkrelidze presents majoritarian MP candidates for the region of Mtskheta-Mtianeti

The leader of the "Akhali Memardzhveneebi" (New Rights Party), David Gamkrelidze presented majoritarian candidates for the region of Mtskheta-Mtianeti. "InterpressNews" was informed from "Akhali Memardzhveneebi’s" office, the leader of the party, David Gamkrelidze presented majoritarian candidates for three districts of Mtskheta-Mtianeti. Majoritarian candidates for Mtskheta, Dusheti and Tianeti are the chairmen of the party’s district organizations.

In Mtskheta Murad Chkhaidze will run, in Tianeti - Ketevan Gondzhilashvili, in Dusheti - Vepkhiya Bodaveli.

"These majoritarian candidates run the district organizations, and it is very important to us. Candidates were born in these areas; they grew up and work here. They know the problems of the area and can protect the interests of their native region", - said Davit Gamkrelidze. (IPN)

Training for employment agents launched

Special courses aimed at training the employment agents were opened Monday and will last until July 24. The other day, over three-thousand trained agents will begin the registration of job seekers. Within the new program of the government, job seekers will be offered to fill in special questionnaires. The visits to the citizens of Georgia will be planned according to the data of the electricity provider company subscribers. The new program of employment was launched after the Cabinet reshuffle– the president proposed forming a new office of the state minister of employment who is in charge of reducing unemployment in the country within the four-year program of the cabinet. The obtained data will be sent to the office of the state minister. (Rustavi 2)