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Compiled by Tato Gachcehiladze
Thursday, July 19
Will private chatting be under control in Georgia?

Facebook may have a certain degree of control. As the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph reported, the social network will use a special system which makes it able to control people’s private chatting/ conversation. As soon as they note something illegal, this info will be known to the police and afterwards the authors of such conversation will be warned. This talking revolves around the threats of violence like terrorism and sexual violence.

This measure is targeted for combating problem. However, controlling of private correspondence has become a serious global problem, especially in New York after the Terrorist Act was passed.

Rezonansi has asked several Georgian public figures how the Georgian community representatives feel about this issue.

Maia Baratashvili (singer): “We all know that control of the world community started a long time ago. This is carried out through computers and mobile phones. If they want to control people they will do it and we cannot do anything about it.

I really have nothing to hide; I don’t do such things that I would be afraid of someone finding out. I am a public entity and there are a lot of things already known about me.

Of course, I am not a supporter, the invasion of privacy in people’s lives but I also want to say, that in people's personal space other people have been invaded. When you're a public figure, people are more interested in you. All of my interviews to some extent are my personal life’s demonstration. I cannot do anything to change it.”

Nana Shonia (actor): “I do not know whether they will impose control on personal writing, but it is not acceptable. This is unacceptable and if it is implemented, it will be terrible. This is a crime to control someone’s personal messages.”

Achiko Guledani (singer): “How real it is? I do not know because I did not hear about it, but this is not good news. It depends on what is being done and in what form. It is very specific topic and there may not be an unequivocal answer.”