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Compiled by Tato Gachcehiladze
Friday, July 20
No satellite dishes in shops

Rezonansi reports that for all shops at the Lilo fair, the trading of satellite dishes have been forbidden. The traders state that all the dishes for sale have been seized and reportedly they will be given back after the elections.

According to the Kakheti Information Center, one of the traders said that some strangers accompanied by administration representatives and security police seized 67 antennas.

“I have been told in exchange for the cost of the antennas and receivers I would not be paying the rent, one of the traders said. However, the administration at Lilo fair did not confirm the seizure of the antennas.

How the fate of parliament building should be solved

The parliament staff is beginning to move to Kutaisi. Supposedly, this process will end at the end of the month. According to legislative staff, they are going to break down and sell the building. They say that an Arab investor has demanded the building be vacated.

Rezonansi asked members of civil society how the parliament’s fate should be solved and what they think about the situation.

Davit Gomarteli (singer): “I don't know. It's government's business how to solve this. Anyway, I want the building replaced with something good, which is going to fit the city.”

Dima Jaiani (actor): The parliament should stay in the same place. But the government should care about the new building in Kutaisi. It needs to be repaired because of the low quality. I think they won't be able to sell the building in that time.

Giga Nasaridze (founder of the NGO Georgia not for sale): “In my opinion, the best choice would be selling the building to an investor. It's quite a good building. Any good investor could use this properly. I don't know what should be built however. They can find profitable business in centre of the city.”

Gela Nikoleishvili (lawyer): “Parliament should have been stayed in its place. But if it's moved, the building should be used as a civil institution. It can be the house of journalists' or whatever. But unfortunately they are going to sell it.