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The Ambassadorial Working Group (AWG) encouraged the government to continue exploring the possibilities for the application of the "must-carry, must-offer" obligations beyond election-day. Do you think the Georgian government will take into account the diplomats’ suggestion?

Friday, July 20
“I think the Georgian government will take the AWG recommendation into consideration and try hard to make must-Carry and Must-Offer an ordinary part of Georgian lifestyle.”
Anano, Economist, 25

“Unfortunately I am not so familiar with the principles of Must-Carry and Must-Offer that’s why it will be a bit difficult for me to share opinion about this issue, but in general media accessibility should not be the question in the 21st century but an essential part of media activities.”
Inga, Writer, 38

“This issue does not find a way with jurisprudence. What happens in politics and what will be the decision of government I cannot predict.”
Keti, Lawyer, 24

“If the pressure from the international community is strong enough they will definitely take their suggestion into account, but if their statements are not firm enough, the authorities will neglect them.”
Nika, columnist, 32

“I do not think the government will concede television and take into account foreign diplomats’ recommendations, because if they lose the elections, and in terms of independent television, they will definitely lose the elections, they will not be responsible for implications of freedom of speech anyway.
Levani, diplomat, 28

“Have no idea, I do not think that MUST CARRY/OFFER is a way out of this situation. Television should be available to the entire population, and not for those who have satellite antennas and cable television. I cannot afford it.
Tamar, lecturer, 34

“Well, it would be the best outcome for us if the authorities enable us to have TV sets at home…of course, I do not believe the government to allow Must Carry after the elections.”
Sopho, Language Specialist, 24

“In case the opposition parties come to parliament with such a percentage as it is in the interests of the current government they would let Must Carry after the parliamentary elections.”
Revaz, MA student,22