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Where are you going to spend your summer holidays?

Wednesday, July 25
“I am going to spend my holidays on the Black Sea coast of Kvariati. I am satisfied with that place; it is my family’s tradition to go there in August. Service and accommodation is satisfactory there.”
Nana, teacher, 39

“I have not even thought about spending my holidays anywhere, I am looking forward the winter season with fear as I am afraid I will not afford to pay all communal payments.”
Guram, pensioner, 66

“I would be spending my holiday’s at the most luxurious places. However, I have no money. I do not think of myself, I have two children at home and I feel very sorry for them as they have to spend whole summer in Tbilisi.”
Meri, housewife, 43

“I will spend my holidays in Turkey. Usually, me and my friends spend two weeks there. I suggest everyone spend their vacation in Turkey’s resorts because the prices are the same compared to the Black Sea resorts and the service and weather are much better than in Georgia.”
Giga, Bank Employee, 27

“I have just begun my job and unfortunately I will not have vacation. Usually I go in the mountainous regions of Georgia like Racha, Svaneti or Kazbegi.”
Mariam, Sales Manager, 30

“I am going to Lazika. I know it is the most beautiful place and full of tourists. I’m kidding of course. In reality I am staying at home in Tbilisi.” hahahaha!
Levan, student, 22

“I am going to go in the village and spend my holidays with my grandparents and relatives. There is always much fun and I feel happy to be with them.”
Tiko, student, 18

“I was travelling around during the Soviet Union. We had good salaries and conditions to go abroad. However things have changed and I have not been abroad for many years. I do not have enough money to go to my village.”
Lali, housewife, 58