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Installation of a new bridge in Chokhatauri municipality

Thursday, July 26
The installation of a new metal bridge has begun along the river Chkhakaura in the village of Kvabgha in the Chokhatauri municipality in the Guria region. The road rehabilitation work that will connect the village to Bakhmaro and Nabeghlavi, is being done from the center of the district to the village. The Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Ramaz Nikolaishvili, together with the Governor of the Guria region, Valeri Chitaishvili, has visited the rehabilitation site and met the local residents.

As a result of flooding of the river, the water has destroyed the village of Kvabgha’s bridge and for years the local 25 families had to move or take cattle to the pastures on a bypass road or by crossing the river. This was dangerous for both the people and the cattle. The children had problems while going to school as well.

After finishing the construction work, the bridge will be used by the residents of Kvabgha village and three other villages. (MRDI)