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Thursday, July 26
Sandra Roelofs visited Georgian soldiers in American hospital

Georgian First Lady, Sandra Roelofs visited Georgian soldiers in the hospital while visiting the United States. Sandra Roelofs went to the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC together with her younger son Nikoloz. Six Georgian soldiers are undergoing treatment at this hospital, Vice Colonel, Aleksandre Tughushi is one of them - Tughushi has been in the hospital for the past seven months. He was gravely wounded in Afghanistan while fulfilling his duties in Helmand Province. The Vice Colonel was awarded by President Saakashvili soon after the accident with the Vakhtang Gorgasali order for bravery. The Vice Colonel was also visited by the American President afterwards. Sandra Roelofs wished him health and a quick return to homeland. (Rustavi 2)

Parliament to adopt amendments to state budget

The parliament of Georgia will adopt the amendments to the state budget for 2012, which became necessary after the disaster in the Kakheti region of Georgia. The amendments include the accumulation of 50 million GEL from the funds of various official structures. These funds will be spent on the post disaster rebuilding, providing food products to the affected families and issuing compensations to them. 110 million GEL is also earmarked for the Kakheti development program in the state budget 2012. The Minister of Finance will answer the questions of the lawmakers today. Opposition MPs assert these funds are not sufficient for complete rehabilitation of the disaster affected region. (Rustavi 2)

MIA publishes statement regarding the Tsaishi incident

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has released a special statement regarding the measures carried out against two people involved in the incident that occurred in Samegrelo`s village of Tsaishi on Tuesday. Bakur Malishava and Gia Geguchia, who abused an elderly woman verbally and physically, have been arrested. The incident occurred before the visit of President Saakashvili to the village. Roza Tskabelia, who was complaining about her problems, was dragged away from the crowd by the two people. The video depicting the incident was released on the internet today. The Head of the Zugdidi police department Gela Narushvili has been also been dismissed from his position, as he witnessed the incident and did not fulfill his official duties. (Rustavi 2)

New Rights call on government to increase compensations for disaster affected regions

The New Rights party is calling on the government to allocate compensation and provide assistance to all regions of Georgia that were affected by the disaster last week. Levan Kalandadze, the director of the party`s economic policy, announced at the briefing today that the compensation should be issued not only for the residents of the Kakheti Region, but for the Samtskhe-Javakheti and Mtskheta-Mtianeti regions as well. As for the affected families in the Kakheti Region, the opposition party says the damage should be counted and compensation should be issued to each family individually. The New Rights assert the funds allocated from the state budget for the disaster regions are not sufficient. “Damage inflicted to each family should be counted individually and the compensation should also be issued according to this damage,” Kalandadze said. (Rustavi 2)

Health Care Minister visits Tianeti

The Minister of Health and Social Care of Georgia arrived in the Tianeti region yesterday and handed over health insurance policies to twin brothers living there. The policies were issued for the children within the governmental program, which will be in force from September, 2012. A few days earlier, the grandparents of the twins were also handed their pensions and insurance policies. The minister introduced the details of the governmental insurance program and the medical service they will be provided with. (Rustavi 2)

So called Thief-in-Law Deported to Georgia from Russia

A so-called thief-in-law was deported from Russia to Georgia. The Russian media has stated that the Georgian thief-in-law was noticed by the St. Petersburg police several days ago. He never had an ID card and introduced himself with a false name and surname. The local police found out that he was a Georgian thief-in-law, born in 1973, nicknamed “Vepkho”. Vepkho was sentenced to 8 years in prison by a Georgian court in absentia for illegal drug dealing.

Russian law enforcers deported him to Georgia and he was handed over to Georgian law enforcers near the Zemo Larsi border. (IPN)