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Compiled by Tato Gachcehiladze
Thursday, July 26
Is Georgian society politicized?

There is an opinion that exists that suggests that Georgian society is divided into two political spectrums– one part of society supports the National Movement, while the other – the Georgian Dream.

It is noteworthy that Georgia’s Patriarch Ilia II said at the Sunday service that the Georgian population has become politicized and politics have changed people. He called this fact unacceptable.

Is the Georgian population politicized? Rezonansi has asked some public figures about their opinion.

Giga Lortkipanidze, Movie director: “I think society is divided into two parts. We Georgians cannot behave in another way. I would prefer our society to have one, unanimous opinion about politics, but this is not so.”

Nana Shonia, actress: “our people are acutely aware of the situation was during Zviad Gamsakhurdia’s presidency [first president of Georgia]. In that period, families were separated due to different political opinions, brothers and friends were losing each other for this reason. I think the same period should not return again. Unfortunately, society is still divided into two parts. Other political parties are just symbolic and they do not have much support among people. In reality, the Georgian Dream and National Movement are the opponents of each other.

3,000 pine-trees dried up

Rezonansi reports that those pine trees which have been planted by Tbilisi City Hall’s initiative in the Gldani suburb have dried completely. The number of dried trees is up to 3,000 and the average cost of each tree is GEL 7.

Tbilisi City hall states that they have not paid money to the hired company who was responsible for those trees and the company is obliged to improve the situation and green the territory this autumn.