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Georgian athletes stand to win $1.2 million for bringing home gold from London Olympic Games. For the silver medal they will get $30 000; Bronze $20 000. How adequate are those prizes for Georgian sportsmen?

Thursday, July 26
“I think the prizes are absolutely adequate. Our athletes really deserve it.
Nino, Coordinator of NGO, 26

“I think it will be a great stimulus for our athletes but I am not sure if the state can afford paying so much money from the state budget.”
Gizo, Translator, 31

“Georgia is not such a rich state to spend so much money on Olympic prizes. If the government has the will to assist our athletes, this money should be spent on the support of young athletes, on the rehabilitation of training halls and the purchase of equipment.”
Temur, Reporter, 28

“I think it is nonsense to transfer such a huge amount of money for athletes especially in the existing situation when Georgia has to deal with post-storm damage in the country.”
Giorgi, Blogger, 21

“It is inadequate. This is shame for the country when it has huge number of poor and hungry people and one Olympic champion should become a millionaire. Of course I would welcome to give that money to the winner, but not nowadays when some do not even have money for bread.”
Manana, teacher, 43

“Why is it not adequate? Do you think the athletes are in good condition and they have enough money for training? No, some of them are very poor and they are trying to reach success and goals. I will be happy if Georgians will get gold medals and become millionaires, as they will really deserve it. If we do not finance athletes, actors/actresses, writers and others we will not have any success in these fields.”
Kakha, architect, 36

“If you ask government officials to increase money for teachers, for pensioners they say there is no enough money for the budget. All of a sudden, money appears and this is for one Olympic champions. I do not say that they should not be left without attention and awards but million is very high price.”
Nina, pensioner, 67

“Not bad numbers. But I think it would be better the second and the third places to be raised.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“I think that the authorities are sure no one will win the Olympic Games that is why they are so generous in the pre-election period, especially.”
Avtandil, Economist, 27