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Friday, July 27
Polish tourists help disaster affected family in Kakheti

Polish students have been assisting a family of Gochiashvili`s in the village of Vachnadziani, in the Kakheti region, over the past few days. The tourists, who were in Georgia, heard about the disaster and decided to help the disaster affected family a few days ago. They have been cleaning the yard and the garden of the house since then. Rehabilitation work are underway in the disaster affected Kakheti. Roads have been completely cleaned up; restoration of the electricity network, roofs and the distribution of food products will also be completed soon. (Rustavi 2)

Temperature rises in Georgia

The temperature has reached its peak this summer in Georgia. The high temperature will be maintained throughout the entire country for the next few days. The weather forecast says it will reach 40 degrees Celsius in the west of Georgia and 35-37 - in the east.

Meteorologists say the highest temperature this summer in Georgia was 41 C and it was registered in Zestaphoni city. According to the weather forecast, the temperature will begin to fall on July 28th; light precipitation is expected in some regions of the country. (Rustavi 2)

Bakradze introduces new chief of the State Audit Office

The Chairperson of the Parliament of Georgia, Davit Bakradze, introduced the new chief of the State Audit Office to its staff in Kutaisi yesterday. Lasha Tordia replaced Levan Bezhashvili on the position after the previous chief resigned and was appointed the personal representative of the president to the Kakheti region. Parliament approved the candidacy of Lasha Tordia with 83 votes against 2 on Tuesday. (Rustavi 2)

PM visits Bekauris` family in Tetritskaro

Prime Minister Vano Merabishvili and the Minister of Health and Social Care of Georgia, Zurab Chiaberashvili, arrived in the Tetritskaro district today and visited the Bekauris family, who have two children under the age of 5 and two pensioners. The prime minister handed over the state-funded insurance policies to the children and explained the details of the insurance program to the family members. Two pensioners in the family were given their insurance policies a few days before, when they took their pensions. The government insurance program will begin in September 2012. Afterwards, the prime minister visited a multi-faceted medical center in Tstritskaro and talked with the staff of the hospital about the problems they have and the implementation of reform in the medical sector. (Rustavi 2)

Tbilisi Helsinki Group to protect rights of political prisoners

Tbilisi Helsinki Group was set up for the protection of rights of political prisoners. Representatives of the organization made this statement at a press conference in the InterpressNews office. The organization was set up on the basis of the Human Rights Commission which has been studying cases of political prisoners in Georgia since 2007.

The Group will be led by Keti Bekauri. The Group members will be human rights defenders and lawyers – Natia Korkotadze, Irma Chkadua, Lali Aptsiauri, Nana Kakabadze, Gela Nikolaishvili, Zaza Davitaia, Irina Putkaradze and Ketevan Kandelaki. The Helsinki Groups are working throughout the world. They are studying cases of political prisoners. (IPN)

Tbilisi City Court terminates authority of Vladimir Ugulava as the manager of Cartu Group

Tbilisi City Court has terminated the authority of Vladimir Ugulava as the manager of Cartu Group. As for reversal on the seizure of the shares of Cartu Group, Bank Cartu and ProgressBank, a decision in this regard should be made very soon. The National Bureau of Enforcement addressed the court with the above-mentioned request two days ago. The court has to make a decision within 24 hours. “On 24 July 2012, Bidzina Ivanishvili fully covered 74 million GEL charged by the enforcement writs issued by Tbilisi’s Appellate Court. Ivanishvili also covered 5.2 million GEL as the enforcement fee due. On June 15, Tbilisi City Court charged Ivanishvili for illegal contribution to a political party. The assets auctioned for ensuring the enforcement of the writs #4/a-131-12 and #4/a-129-12 issued by Tbilisi Appellate Court 100% of shares at J.S.C. Cartu Group and 21.7% of shares at J.S.C. Progress Bank weren't realized in a legally defined deadline. Based on the application from NBE, Tbilisi City Court made a decision to appoint a manager for the 100% of shares at J.S.C. Cartu Group and 21.71450% of shares at J.S.C. Progress Bank. On July 25, NBE submitted an application to Tbilisi City Court. According to the legislation, the latter will within 24 hours be decided about the suspension of the compulsory management of the property and its return to the property owner,” says the statement, released by the National Bureau of Enforcement. (IPN)