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Do you think the money that Ivanishvili has transferred to the state budget will be used for the disaster affected families?

Friday, July 27
“Ivanishvili's money will be used for disaster affected families, but not all the money as our government knows quite well how to steal money.”
Salome, Reporter, 22

“In my opinion, it will not be used for these families, or at least the government will never admit that fact.”
Ninia, Sociologist, 26

“Deputy Minister of Finance Papuna Petriashvili said 80 million GEL out of 160 million would be issued by donors. I doubt this is exactly the 80 million Ivanishvili has transferred to the state.”
Giorgi, Blogger, 21

“It is difficult to guess how the authorities might spend that money which is in their hands. Thus, I am not to optimistic…”
Avtandil, Economist, 28

“Well, I consider that that amount will not be given to the affected people, because it is fine money and in this case the authorities decide how to use it.”
Irakli, Editor in Chief, 27

“Well, I think that it is difficult to say anything exactly. I do not rely on the authorities. I think that Ivanishvili will control how his money is spent. Thus, I hope that the people will be assisted, however the process should be strictly monitored.”
Gvantsa, Language Specialist, 24

“In my opinion the government will not spend this money efficiently, I do have serious concerns that much of this money will be absorbed by authorities… as they usually do.”
Anzori, entrepreneur, 37

“Maybe this sum will be spent on Kakheti residents… I do not know… but I still hope that all of them will get essential aid, and not just GEL 1,000.
Ana, Teacher, 27