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Monday, July 30
Government of Georgia to Survey Peasants

Before the government of Georgia issues GEL 500 – 1,500 in compensation to the residents in the flood affected Kakheti region, survey will be carried out. The Minister of Labour, Healthcare and Social Protection, Zurab Tchiaberashvili spoke about the importance of this in the village of Tsinandali yesterday. He said that is the order of the President and the Prime Minister to know the needs of each family. The minister said that from August 1, the residents whose harvest was destroyed by 100% will be given GEL 1,500 in compensation, those with 80% of harvest destroyed will be given GEL 1,000; 50% of harvest destroyed - GEL 500. Tchiaberashvili underscored that while meeting the residents, the government saw and acknowledged a lot of problems. He said if the disaster happened 10 years ago, the state could not have done so much. Tchiaberashvil linked the new possibilities of the country with the rule of law, low corruption and a full budget.

23 Georgians return from Turkey

Twenty-three Georgian nationals have returned to homeland after a few days` captivity in Turkey. They crossed the border at noon today. They are all from the city of Zestaphoni. They were held hostages in a basement of one of the houses. The former hostages say they were cheated when taken to Turkey for getting jobs, but were captured after crossing the border of the country. The kidnappers demanded two-thousand dollars from each of them. The kidnappers were arrested by Turkish police. The former hostages say they were taken to the country by Lasha Navareli.
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Policeman Dies While on Duty in Lanchkhuti

Lanchkhuti police officer of the MIA Nodar Velenjashvili died while performing his police duty. The incident took place in the village of Jurukveti, Lanchkhuti municipality on Saturday at 18:00. InterPressNews reports that locals called police due to a livestock theft. Velenjashvili headed to the village via pickup vehicle. Because of the poor visibility, a train crashed into the police officer’s car on the railway. The eyewitnesses say the collision threw the car 25 meters away and then it fell into the ravine. The policeman was alone in the car. Nodar Velenjashvili died before medical personnel arrived. The body of the deceased has been transferred for autopsy in Kutaisi. An investigation is under way.

Defence Minister and U.S. Rear Admiral visit National Training Center Krtsanisi

Georgian Defense Minister Dimitri Shashkini and Deputy Director of Plans, Policy and Strategy, United States European Command Rear Admiral, Mark Montgomery attended Command and Staff Training “Didgori 2012” at the Krtsanisi training base. The Georgian Defense Minister and the American Rear Admiral personally inspected the process of training and inspected the training facility.

The training course “Didgori 2012” is underway in Georgia with the support of the U.S. partners. It is a rather important exercise, during which commanding skills are improved. The military servicemen taking part in the training course interact under a modeled scenario and operatively fulfill the tasks.
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PM, Health Minister meets with hospital and insurance company director

Prime Minister Vano Merabishvili and Minister of Health Care Zurab Chiaberashvili met with the representatives of insurance companies and regional hospitals at the Georgian Insurance Association.

The Prime Minister questioned the representatives of the insurance companies about the growth of salaries to the staff of the newly opened hospitals in various regions of Georgia. The hospital managers said the minimum salary of the nurses in regional hospitals will be soon increased up to 200 GEL; doctors, who are currently paid 200-350 GEL, will have their salaries increased by 20% and the personnel, who have higher salaries, will have their salaries increased 10%.

The representatives of the hospital manager companies also said that from August 1, 2012, the staff of all hospitals will be insured.

The Prime Minister said the government would continue to work on further growth of the salaries of medical personnel and the progress should refer to those medical institutions, which are not under the management of the insurance companies.
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FC Zetaponi cannot pay membership fee

The management of the Football Club Zestaponi has sent an open letter to the Georgian Football Federation regarding its failure to pay its membership fee for the Georgian national championship in football. The management explained that the club’s income is so low that they cannot afford paying the fee, which is 60,000 GEL. The Georgian Football Federation will comment on the problem
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