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Monday, July 30
Pre-election TV coverage

Rezonansi writes that TV channels are preparing for a new season and new programs dedicated to the pre-election campaign. Commenting to the newspaper, Mate Kirvalidze, Head of Imedi TV’s Information Program, provided vague answer saying that “if any new program are to be broadcasted you will see them, and if there is no program broadcasted you will not see it.”

The Public Broadcaster is more generous and plans to launch a political debate show once the pre-election campaign officially starts.

As for the so-called pro-opposition TV channels, one of the founders of Maestro TV Mamuka Glonti, says that Maestro will have a new political talk show beginning in September, although he does not know what kind of format this show will have. Kavkasia TV Director Nino Jangirashvili told the paper that their TV station has two projects that will be carried out during the pre-election period. “One is IREX-funded and prepared in association with the Press Association and Palitra and the second is called the Political Debate, which will be broadcasted on Saturday once a week,” adding that as soon as the pre election campaign officially begins this show will be broadcasted daily.

Interest in blogging grows

Rezonansi reports that interest towards blogging increases regularly, although Facebook and Forum remains to be more popular social networks in Georgia. Blogging is becoming more popular and accordingly number of bloggers as well as blog readers increases.

This tendency is not surprising because blog is one of the best ways for people to express their opinions on various topics.

It is noteworthy that some people refrain to open a blog. According to them they do not have a good writing style. Other part of people does not have any interest in blogging and they even do not understand how it can be used.