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Are you involved in social networking? What type of social media is your favorite?

Monday, July 30
“I have an account on several social networks, but I cannot say that I am addicted to them. From time to time I use them to chat with my son abroad.”
Neli, teacher, 41

“Of course. I use Facebook most frequently and I think that this is the most convenient social network nowadays. If someone thinks that FB is only a source of entertainment I would disagree with them, because I find other features more interesting, such as getting information, contacting different companies and people and get involved in discussions.”
Anano, student, 21

“I am a blogger and writing blogs is my interest. I have been writing some features since my childhood and later, when I found out blogs I have decided to use them. I think this is the most serious and interesting type of social media. I have number of readers and I always take into account their opinions or remarks.”
Giorgi, blogger, 26

“As an IT specialist I am involved in all the social networks. I must say I do not like all of them and use several of them quite seldom but I need to know every new social network as my clients often have problems with their favorite sites.”
Mirian, IT Specialist, 31

“Yes of course. I can't image my life without social networking.”
Khayala, Tourist, 25

“Social media plays a very interesting role in Georgian society. In particular, I mostly read radio liberty’s blogs, as well as blogs of my friends.”
Eka, manager, 36

“Facebook has become an integral part of my life. I used it to get the balanced information as very different people share various articles, blogs, and videos…
Levan, student, 20

“I use the internet every day and I familiarize myself with a variety of social networks and web pages. Being part of modern society has its “rules” – if you want to get diverse information about things happening around you, you have to be socially active otherwise you may remain in the information vacuum. I personally seldom watch TV, unfortunately my mobile phone does not have a radio so I consume internet and naturally Facebook is one of my most important guides to the world of information.”
Ninia, Sociologist, 29