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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Wednesday, August 1
Did Saakashvili fulfil all promises?

“Tell me what I have promised and have not fulfilled? You will have a road and a highway, I promise...”

–President Saakashvili said at a meeting with the local residents of Ureki, located in western Georgia.

Did Saakashvili fulfil his promises? Rezonansi asked several public figures their opinion.

Jansugh Charkviani, poet: “Every section of the road which Saakashvili should pass is reconstructed but it is not important to have gas and electricity, it is more important to think how people should pay bills on those communal payments. I think and I recall when they [the current officials] were saying that Shevardnadze during his presidency had an opportunity to distribute pensions worth GEL 150... At that time there wasn’t even a one-billion in the budget. As for now, it is 7 or 8 billion and they do not increase pensions so older people can buy medicine and pay bills.

Giga Nasaridze, Georgia not for Sale (NGO): “In my opinion, almost all promises have been fulfilled. What the government did not do is because of critical moments like war and the economic crisis. I understand very well that those moments can be taken into account.”

Nodar Natadze, Philologist: “None of the promises have been fulfilled. These are just promises and nothing more. Until the agriculture sector will become active nothing will be done.

Gia Burjanadze, Actor: “I cannot make a comment on the statements made by a deceiver. If anyone is interested what he has done, please just look at a map and they will understand what kind of situation we had before and after him.”

Price on real estate’s increased dramatically in Kutaisi

Rezonansi writes that the price for renting a 1 room flat in the center of Kutaisi has reached $300. As for the suburbs, the price is GEL 300.

Recently, the price on flats has rapidly increased in Kutaisi which has been declared as the second capital of Georgia and which has become the new home to the parliament. Local agencies report that the prices have increased so much that clients have disappeared. According to real estate analysts, the real estate price will continue increasing in the near future as well.

The reason for the price increase is due to the recent move of state structures from Tbilisi to Kutaisi.