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Do you trust the preliminary results of commission insuring voters’ list accuracy?

Wednesday, August 1
“I do not trust them because at my flat there was written additional people who do not live with me. The commission staff has been here and I have also informed them about it, they promised that they will delete those people. However, just a few days ago, they were here to re-check people and those people have been in the list. So, I have no guarantee that the list is accurate.”
Marina, housewife, 46

“I have personally called to this commission and gave my family’s personal information. My both sons have left the country a couple of months ago and they will not be in Georgia during the time of elections. They should take it into account. However, I have doubts that they prefer to have extra people on the list in order to rig the elections easily.”
Lamara, teacher, 38

“No indeed. The commission is chaired by the National Movement Satellite party member, how can I trust them? Moreover, the ruined the political reunion which demanded the bio ID elections.
Nina, musician, 26

“Why not? I think it improved the voters’ list. I realize that it is impossible to create an absolutely flawless list, as people are moving, dying etc. But I think it has improved– maybe far from absolute– but improved.
Olesya, journalist, 28

“They visited me, and they refused to fill a separate statement for all family members living abroad. They just wrote on the general list that they are living abroad, that’s it. I think there is somewhat distrust towards this commission.
Nika, IT specialist , 32

“I have no idea, elections will show how well they worked… but it will be too late then I guess.
Eka, blogger, 24

“But I must say no one has ever visited my place to check me in the list. But when I checked myself at the number defined by the state commission I was in the list with my home address so I do not know what to say.”
Salome, Translator, 31

“I think it is hard to visit each and every family across the country and ensure that everything is fine. The commission claims to have checked everything over two or three months, which of course causes suspicion but I hope everything will be fine and the Election Day will reveal the truth.”
Ako, Biologist, 48