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Thursday, August 2
Parliamentary elections to be held on 1 October

Parliamentary elections will be held on October 1, the president’s spokesperson, Manana Manjgaladze said at a special briefing. According to her, the president is sure the October elections will be more proof of Georgia’s democracy and vitality. The president calls on everybody to take an active part in this very important process for the country’s development.

October 1 is a Monday. (IPN)

Session of the government held in Kutaisi

The Prime Minister of Georgia chaired the session of the government, which was held in Kutaisi yesterday. Vano Merabishvili asked the ministers to introduce the government’s new action plan to the residents of Kutaisi.

“We are going to stay in Kutaisi and by the end of the week we will introduce our program, which focuses on the reduction of unemployment, the [wide] availability of health care services and the development of agriculture. Our people should benefit as much as possible from the government. We have already prepared a plan pertaining to which minister will arrive in which region to introduce our priorities to the public,” Vano Merabishvili said.

Members of the Cabinet will visit districts of the Imereti region later this week and explain the details of the government’s action plan. They have also been instructed to learn the about the problems which trouble the residents of each region individually; visit factories, meet IDPs living there, as well as the disaster affected families.

Government members say they will attend the opening of several irrigation canals and the opening of new hospitals in Vani and Kharagauli. (Rustavi 2)

Additional registration for first-year pupils

The additional online registration of first year pupils for public schools in Georgia began yesterday. Parents that failed to register their children from April 2 to 17 will be able to do this from August 2 until August 17th. For online registration they should visit two websites and

After the registration is over, the parents will have to submit the required documents to the selected school administration from August 20 to August 30. (Rustavi 2)

Georgian Dream coalition’s youth organization protests against the dismissal of qualified employees from ‘Telasi’

The Georgian Dream coalition’s youth organization has protested against the dismissal of qualified employees of the Telasi Company. One of the representatives of the youth organization, Davit Facacia, said 100 Telasi employees were dismissed after Zurab Arsoshvili, the former governor of the Shida Kartli region, was appointed as the director of the company. According to him, Arsoshvili’s relatives, family members and members of the National Movement party were appointed to the vacant posts. Facacia said at the protest rally that Arsoshvili was protecting the interests of the Russian people and not of the Georgian people, as the Telasi Company belongs to Russians. (IPN)

Court Seized Accounts of Georgian Development Research Institute

Tbilisi’s Civil Court has seized the accounts of the Georgian Development Research Institute, Head of the institute, Teona Akubardia told InterPressNews. She says the accounts of the institute were seized at Progress Bank without explanation. “We have not received any explanation and we have not been told the reasons of the seizure. I was told at the bank that the civil court seized the accounts,” Teona Akubardia said.

“Robbery of century”

Three Georgians– Vakhtang Purtseladze, Merab Lashkareishvili and Vakhtang Iremadze, were all charged with burglary and will be tried at Tbilisi City Court yesterday. The defendants may face ten-year sentences. Currently, only one defendant, Vakhtang Iremadze has pleaded guilty. The police are still searching for three other suspects. The burglars, detained by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, were charged with a robbery, which occurred in Turkey`s city of Ordu on March 9. The Turkish media reported details of the theft of a large amount of gold from one of the trade centers in the city, calling it the `robbery of century`.

The thieves dug an 8 meter-long tunnel from a nearby building to the jewelry depository of the trade centre and took away 6 kilograms of gold. The security system failed, but the remains of the cigarette, which as experts said was made in Georgia, made them think that the robbers were Georgians. (IPN)

Excursion bus fell in a ravine

A minibus heading from Shatili, a remote region outside Tbilisi, fell in the ravine. The road accident occurred in the village of Kakhmati. The bus was carrying high school students from an excursion. The minibus, the driver of which failed to control the wheel, was turned on its side, when the rescuers and police officers arrived at the side. The rescuers managed to take the children out of the bus. 17 students were injured in the accident, three of whom were transferred to Ghudushauri hospital. Doctors say their health state is very grave; however, their lives have been saved. Other students were distributed to different hospitals in Tbilisi, Mtskheta and Dusheti. The children will be discharged soon. (IPN)

Economic Minister viewed construction of a new hotel in Sighnaghi

The new hotel Cabadon will be opened in Kakheti`s oldest resort city of Sighnaghi soon. The hotel is being constructed by a developer named Redix, which has invested 4.5 million GEL in the project. The modern hotel will offer 21 rooms and 30 locals will be employed there. The future personnel of the hotel are now taking professional training courses. Minister of Sustainable Development and Economics of Georgia, Vera Kobalia, viewed the construction work today. She said it was very important that the farmers in Kakheti have yet another new opportunity to sell its product to the visitors, the drivers of the busses will have more passengers and 30 locals have new jobs. (IPN)