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Thursday, August 2
Despite the reduction in bees, honey price will not rise

Many bees in Kvareli have died in the district, Rezonansi reports. Local beekeepers say the loss is more than 50%. Experts said that bees died in other regions of Georgia as well, but not in large quantities. They believe that despite the huge losses, the honey harvest will not be decreased this year. Prices thus far have not increased. However, if the decrease in product continues it will influence the price of honey in the future.

Swimming pool companies struggle to stay afloat

The number of people using swimming pools has decreased. Representatives of Georgian companies say that the reason is due to high competition in Tbilisi, which is caused by the number of new pools, Rezonansi reports. Another reason that has negatively affected the pool business is the weather. Managers say that the summer's unusual rainy and cool weather has kept swimmers at home. Even though the sports-fitness complex services are a very expensive pleasure, until recently it was very popular.

About 800 people to come to Tbilisi from Akhalgori

Rezonansi writes that about 800 people are going come to Tbilisi from Akhalgori to demand compensation from the government or cottages. Since the August 2008 war, Akhalgori has been occupied by Russian forces and those people did not receive any compensation from the Georgian government.

The plans of those people are not yet known; they may hold a demonstration in front of parliament or other locations.