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Do you think there is a freedom of religion in Georgia?

Thursday, August 2
I think we have freedom of religion in Georgia but not every Georgian is tolerant to other religions and it is hard for the Muslims, or Buddhists to make a career in our country.
Nino, Journalist, 22

Yes, it is, because I am of a religion different from the mainstream one, and no one has ever limited my right to practice my religion.
Albert, Economist, 26

To some extend yes, but there are some certain groups of people, who do not accept or even practice any religion calling themselves secularists. In general, freedom of religion in Georgia is quite normal.
Elene, Teacher, 28

Well, no one will hit you if you say that you are Muslim or Buddhist, but it causes some problems sometimes. For example, some speculate that a couple should not have relations if they have two different religions. However, I think that generally people and government as well respect the religious minorities in Georgia.
Alex, student, 20

I maybe wrong but I become aggressive when someone calls me and asks me to listen her/his talks about the god Jehovah. This is shocking for me because we are orthodox family and we do not admit other religions.
Lili, housewife, 41

I am atheist and I do not recognize any religion. My opinion is to believe what you want to believe. I do not think that there is freedom of religion in Georgia as the majority of Georgians are orthodox Christians and very often in discussions, in talking they become very aggressive while I am expressing my idea on social networks or in private conversation. But I do not care.
Giorgi, IT specialist, 26

In my opinion anyone is free to worship what they want. Yes, I don't see limitations to any religion.
Elene, Marketing Manager, 32

Yes, I don't see limitations to any religion we have all the temples in the city, Muslim, Jewish, catholic if it can be considered as freedom.
ikoloz, Musician, 32

I think its very important that we have a mosque, synagogue and a Catholic and Armenian Church in the same district. This shows that we are tolerant to other religions. So I think yes there is a freedom of religion in Georgia.
Mariam. Lawyer, 23

I think that there is freedom of choice but zero tolerance.
Salome, Journalist, 26