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Is new Russian aggression in the future?

By Messenger Staff
Friday, August 3
Recently some information was released that suggested the peaceful population are being evacuated from the Tskhinvali region.

The leader of the National Democratic Party, Bachuki Kardava, made a statement regarding the reported news and accused the Russian Federation of preparing for new military aggression against Georgia, adding the evacuation of people from the occupied region is part of the process. Kardava said at the briefing yesterday that the details of the aggression were planned in the office of Dimitri Rogozin.

Kardava has connected the Russian case with Bidzina Ivanishvili, leader of Georgian Dream coalition and said that he is supporting Russia.

“We have information that coordinators and activists of the Georgia Dream coalition are telling people in the streets that they are going to arrange street protests in the case that the results of the elections are not recognized and they ask them what they are going to do if the government disperses these protests. Russia never collects their forces along the borders of Georgia without a reason, it means that a number of Georgian political parties are already preparing to give a good reason to Russia and arrange provocations that will push Russia to intervene in Georgia,” Kardava said at the briefing.

The Georgian Dream has immediately responded to Kardava’s statement calling it “absurd,” adding that Georgian Dream will do anything to pass the elections in a peaceful way.

“I have not heard Kardava’s statement. However, I can assure you that Georgian dream will try its best to hold peaceful elections and gain a victory in a democratic and fair way. If it has not happened in that way, staging a rally in the street is our constitutional right and maybe we will use this way, although I cannot say anything for sure two- months before the elections,” Panjikidze said,.

Meanwhile, several news agencies have released information stating that the leadership of the Russian military forces has deployed in the vicinity of South Ossetia doesn’t confirm additional Russian military units being brought to South Ossetia , but they don’t rule out that in the framework of the “Kavkaz 2012” training, additional military forces will enter Tskhinvali. The source informs that the training takes place in the Russian military bases deployed in South Ossetian territory, which is linked with the “Kavkaz 2012” exercises. The Tskhinvali government disseminates information about expected attacks from the Georgian side, linking it with the opening of a Georgian police checkpoint in the village of Zardiantkari, Gori.

The source denies information about the organized evacuation of the population from Tskhinvali, alleging that there are many families in South Ossetia now who live in Russia, and who arrived in Tskhinvali with their families.

It is noteworthy that on August 2008, South Ossetia began the evacuation of its population to North Ossetia, 2,500 people left their dwellings within the first two days of the shelling.