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Friday, August 3
Why elections have been appointed on October 1, Monday?

According to the president’s decision, Georgia’s Parliamentary elections will be held on Monday, October 1. Special attention was paid to the specific day, as usually elections day in Georgia is Sunday. Rezonansi asked a few public figures to make their assessment on this decision:

Nineli Chankvetadze, actress, member of Georgian Dream coalition: “it is not easy to understand the decision. I think one of the reasons is that next Sunday is on October 7 which he did not like, as our coalition will be represented at elections with the number 7. I think he has a phobia of the number 7. As for scheduling it on a working day, I know that the elections should be on a day-off and usually the day of elections is on a Sunday, what kind of aim Saakashvili has in this regards it is unknown for me.

Alexander Rondeli, political analyst: maybe this date has any significance. However, it does not say anything to me.

Zurab Manjavidze, singer: I thought the elections would be held on October 5 as the authorities like this number, but why they decided to make the elections on the first of October I do not know, in addition this is a working day.

Nika Chitadze, analyst: I do not think first of October means anything. I find more interesting how these elections will be held and how the pre-election campaign will be held before October.

Chiora Taktakishvili will be a spokesperson for ruling party

Khatuna Ochiauri from the National Movement Party said that during the pre-election period, Chiora Taktakishvili, MP, will be the spokesperson of the ruling party. Head of the Press Office of the National Movement Party, Giorgi Pataraia, does not confirm the information and says that the final decision has not been made yet.