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Do you think political parties have enough time to carry out elections campaign before October 1?

Friday, August 3
“Of course they have. But first of all I would like to suggest all opposition parties to be united and take part in the elections together. Then, Saakashvili and his team will not have any chance to win.”
Lela, nurse, 38

“Well, Ruling party has begun its elections campaign a long time ago and of course they have enough time to carry out campaign before elections. As for the opposition, what kind of campaign they should hold? They are already winners. I mean the coalition and Ivanishvili.”
Tamar, English language specialist, 29

“I am not sure because there are a lot of people to meet and introduce their election programs. It concerns the ruling party and opposition as well. Practically, only the National Movement and Georgian Dream have begun their campaign, others are not active.”
Neliko, student, 20

“What else can we expect from election campaigns? The president and government go to the regions, meet locals and introduce majoritarians, open new hotels, hospitals etc. this is a campaign. Opposition has no chance of victory, I am sure.”
Levan, sportsman, 25

“It depends how well they know time management. Two months time is not short period, so nothing is impossible.”
Beka, economist, 34

“I think they have enough time for the so-called official part of the election campaign because as I have observed almost every party which plans to participate in the elections and they have been meeting with potential voters at least for the last several months.”
Mariam, Reporter, 22

“I think it is funny that the president chose Monday for the Election Day because it will be hard for the civil servants to leave their jobs and go to vote. As for the parties targeting the parliament membership, I think people in Georgia know everything about everyone and they will make their choices even if they will not meet with the politicians straight before the elections.”
Irina, Blogger, 24