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Monday, August 6
“Georgian Dream” in Batumi

A huge rally was held in Batumi in support of the “Georgian Dream” coalition last evening. Bidzina Ivanishvili highlighted plans to be fulfilled after the elections. He and his supporters expressed their confidence in winning the forthcoming elections. (The Messenger)

‘Whole society is politicized today, but God will decide everything’- Ilia ll

All of society is politicized today, Patriarch of Georgia Ilia ll said in his Sunday sermon at Trinity cathedral. According to him, everyone is talking about politics, though “it’s all God’s will and God will decide everything.” He also said that everyone should think about their souls, families and children. According to the Patriarch, many young people go to churches. “Very often guests from abroad ask us why so many young people go to churches in Georgia. They ask what the secret is. But we don’t have any secret. This is God’s will. People come to God’s house. But people should know how to behave in God’s house,” Ilia ll said. (IPN)

Employment Minister arrives in Kutaisi

State Minister for Employment Paata Trapaidze went to the Labour exchange in Kutaisi and met with the people seeking for jobs. Minister listened to the problems of the unemployed residents of the city and explained the government`s priorities in this regards. He said the solution of social problems and reduction of unemployment in the country was the government`s top priority. Minister said his staff now worked intensively to create a unified data base of the unemployed citizens, job seekers and the most required and problematic professions. (Rustavi 2)

CEC has registered ten parties

The Central Election Commission has registered ten parties out of the 34 which have submitted the necessary documents to the commission for participation in the October parliamentary elections. The parties, which have representatives in the parliament currently, have an August 5 deadline for submitting documents to the CRC. The Christian Democratic Party plans to undergo registration at the CEC today. As for the list of the single-mandate MP candidates and the party lists, they should be submitted to the CEC no later than September 1. (Rustavi 2)

State Company to be formed for assisting farmers

The State Company for Exporting Georgian Fruit and Vegetables will assist farmers to realize their product. Prime Minister Vano Merabishvili introduced this initiative to the farmers and entrepreneurs of Tskaltubo town yesterday. According to the government, in every region of Georgia special collecting stores of fruit and vegetables will be opened, where the product will be sorted, packed and stored with the highest standards. The Georgian railway and aviation will be also intensively involved in the process of the export of the stored product. The state company will also assist the farmers in every procedure of the product transportation. (Rustavi 2)

Ruins of city fence discovered in Tbilisi

An old fence in the city has been discovered in Tbilisi. The ruins were found by workers during the ongoing construction work in Pushkini Street in the center of the Georgian capital last night. The ruins reportedly date back to XII-XVIII centuries. Archaeologists have also found a clay vessel and a kernel stone, which was likely used as a weapon in wars. Archaeologists were already aware of the existence of the fence before having made the discovery from almost all the historical sources about Tbilisi. The first Georgian geographical atlas drafted in 1735 by Vakhushti Bagrationi also gives a complete outline of the fence. Archaeologists plan to preserve the excavation. After the ongoing construction work are finished, everyone will be allowed to see the archaeological discovery in the center of Tbilisi. Traffic movement will be closed in the Pushkini Street during the next two weeks. (Rustavi 2)

Saakashvili visits newly-constructed Aqua Park in Anaklia

President Mikheil Saakashvili along with various ministers visited the newly-constructed Aqua Park in Anaklia, Samegrelo region. “All the employed people here are Georgians and all the hotels were built by locals. A lot of people will work here. The Kakheti region has also turned into a tourist center. I have been to many places in Europe, but I have never seen such quality construction,” Saakashvili said. According to official information, the new aqua park can serve 800 people. It is one of the best and largest in Eastern Europe. (IPN)

Police detain 40-year-old suspect of murder

Police have detained 40-year-old Gela Titovani, who is accused of murdering Levan Kalandia, who presumably was his cousin, in the Mukhiani district of Georgia’s capital of Tbilisi last night.

It was reported that the cause of the murder was a squabble that took place between the suspect and the man who was killed only a few minutes before the incident. Locals said Gela Titovani and Levan Kalandia were both drunk when they had a dispute in the entrance of their block of apartments.

Locals also said Gela Titovani stabbed Levan Kalandia twice in the chest with a knife, who died immediately from the injuries.

Gela Titovani did not try to hide from the crime scene and law enforcers caught him red handed.

Levan Kalandia`s body has been transported to the city morgue. An investigation is in progress under the clause of premeditated murder, which implies imprisonment from 7 to 15 years. (Rustavi 2)