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How politicized is the Georgian population?

Monday, August 6
“We are very politicized. The whole nation is involved in political activities and I believe this is good fact, because when politicians see how active the ordinary people are, they feel more responsibility to fulfill their promises because we never forget what kind of promises they are giving during pre-election campaign.”
Vakhtang, sales manager, 38

“I think everyone in Georgia is politicized from the small child to the elder pensioners. Everyone talks like an expert but no one looks deep into the subject.”
Lali, Journalist, 21

“Politics has always been a very acute and hot topic of discussion among the Georgian population. Sometimes I think I know better politicians names and full names than my friends’ names. Frankly speaking, I do not find it positive but we have no other way. When people have interest then control is higher, it means we see, we listen and we make our choice on Election Day. I cannot imagine Georgians having no interest in politics. I am a student but we always have political discussions at the university, at cafes, in the family. So, this becomes the usual lifestyle for me.”
Tiko, student, 20

“Generally, I think Georgians like politics and everybody wants to be a president or at least prime minister. As for me, I do not care what is happening in the political arena. I find everything fake there and I have never gone to the elections in my life. What concerns me is that everywhere there are political debates and discussions on the radio, on TV, on social networks.”
Nika, musician, 27

“I have observed people do not care so much about politics as they did before, I think they have simply got tired of the endless political confrontations between Saakashvili-Ivanishvili and it makes no difference to them who the leader is.”
Levan, Bank Accountant, 24

“Georgia is a very much a politicized country due to its recent political and military events. Since we left the Soviet Union, the Georgian population has suffered a lot and changed several leaderships in just 20 years.”
Ilia, Writer, 27

“Extremely politicized I would say. Everybody is discussing politics and elections, even those who are not within the voting age, and it is really annoying to see it.
Guram, Architect, 28