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Ruling party falters on most of its promises

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, August 9
The NGO, The Alliance for Economic Justice and Business Freedom, has begun monitoring the pre-election programs of various political entities. The first on the list is Georgia’s ruling National Movement Party and the organization concludes that the majority of the promises given by the National Movement in their pre-election programs from 2002- 2012 did not come to fruition. There were various projects and programs with loud and catchy slogans. It was noted that some of the promises were so absurd that they were doomed to failure right from very beginning. Among the promises was the promise of the president to increase pensions to $100, to bring 7 million tourists into the country and so on. Today, with the upcoming parliamentary elections approaching, the ruling party is giving out different promises; most of the population is skeptical towards those promises saying that 8 years in power was enough time to do something viable.