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Thursday, August 9
Berdzenishvili rejects offer from Ivanishvili

In his Interview with Rezonansi, David Berdzenishvili, a member of the Georgian Dream coalition, said that Bidzina Ivanishvili has offered him to take part in the parliamentary elections as a majoritarian candidate in one of Georgia’s districts. However, he rejected his offer adding that the Georgian Dream will still win this particular district. Berdzenishvili denies any confrontation with coalition leader and members.

“These are all speculations and there is no confrontation within the coalition. As soon as Ivanishvili named the Republicans as a major partner political force, the target group of the attack became Republican Party. Some forces try to create confrontation but we are all fine.”

Berdzenishvili comments that the coalition will have a large advantage in Tbilisi– more support than Levan Gachechiladze (a former presidential candidate) had during the 2008 presidential elections.

“We are working in all the regions and districts very actively, but we expect more support in Tbilisi, Imereti, Guria, Adjara and Mtskheta –Mtianeti. If we monitor recent processes, I may predict that we gain more support in Shida Kartli and in Kakheti. We pay special attention to the regions which suffer from government pressure most of all. They are Shida kartli, Kakheti, Samegrelo and the Javakheti regions. There is a stereotype that Saakashvili will win the elections in Samegrelo for sure, although if we recall the elections results in 2008, he did not have much support then and it remains unchanged today,” Berdzenishili says.

Paata Zakareishvili: Georgia could avoid war

Analyst in conflict issues and member of the Republican Party, Paata Zakareishvili said in his interview to Kvela Siakhle that Georgia could have avoided getting involved in a military confrontation with Russia up until the last minute, in particular at least until the Georgian army had not came in Tskhinvali.

“There are number of vivid examples how Russia carried out several provocations against Georgia in the conflict territory beginning with attack on Dimitri Sanakoev, when the Georgian side blamed Ossetians in attacking his escort,” he said, adding that the war scenario was written in the Kremlin, Moscow and Saakashvili got trapped.