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Do you think the Georgian government pays enough attention to IDPs?

Thursday, August 9
“As a journalist I always try to protect the rights of IDPs and as a citizen I simply worry about their fate. I have often made reports about the eviction of IDPs from their shelters where they have spend several years waiting to return to their homes in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. I have also followed them at their garages where they hide from the wind and rain in hard days and no one from the Ministry of IDPs ever cared about them. Unfortunately our government uses the issue of IDPs as the part of their PR campaign whenever they need it, and forgets about the fate of hundreds of families as soon as they gain new grants from the international community.”
Anna, Reporter, 27

“Sometimes I feel that IDPs really live a peaceful life wherever they are but then another wave of evictions starts and I feel confused about their real fate. One thing is clear: these people were evicted from their homes forcefully by the Russian army and they need real support from their own government. I can just hope that they have everything to survive and I am sure one day they will return back to their original homes.”
Ilia, Ethnographer, 31

“They are not paid attention to at all. After the war in 2008 all of them were brought into small houses when many of them might have 3 storied houses on current occupied region’s territory. It is the fault of the current Georgian leadership. The war is their fault.”
Tato, Student, 22

“I can say that the current administration does not pay them enough attention. Their being is only broadcasted when the government needs it for PR. They are on the agenda only during the election periods used to gain political scores.”
Giorgi, IT specialist, 27

“I think the government does not pay due attention to IDPs. So far, the IDP sheltering problem has not been resolved.”
Nina, office manager, 25

“Attention in which regard? In regard of kicking them out from their living places, and resettling them in abandoned regions where there are no jobs, land, and other necessary things for living?
Nika, NGO employee, 37