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Former Minister sounds off on voucher program

By Messenger Staff
Friday, August 10
Former Minister of Economy and MP Lado Papava thinks that the distribution of vouchers from the government represents poor practice of a socially targeted policy. In a country that carries out a fair social policy, there is no room for vouchers. That means that the minimal wages for pensions should not be less than the existing minimum wage and every citizen should have a worthy existence. According to Papava, the distribution of vouchers facilitates an increase of prices. It is an inflation instrument which should be applied only in a crisis situation. Thousand GEL voucher promised by the ruling government sounds solid and effective but it is distributed over the period of four-years this (250 GEL a year). If a family consists of three people this is 70 tetri a day so around 23 tetri for each member of the family. This is a ridiculous figure.