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Political Funding for the Elections

By Ernest Petrosyan
Friday, August 10
The Georgian State Audit Agency published a report on political funding since the beginning of 2012. The report includes complete information and a detailed analysis of financial resources and incomes that distinguish between legal and illegal funding and donation from physical and legal entities.

According to the report, the general amount of legal incomes consisted of GEL 33,542,100 as donation and GEL 4,553,330 came from state funding with GEL 1,522,653 on other incomes.

With regard to total legal income, the leading position is held by Georgian Dream coalition with GEL 26,184,820, followed by United National Movement (UNM) with GEL 9,580,594 and Christian Democrats with GEL 862,535.

The Georgian Dream also leads in received donations from physical entities with GEL 19,724,202. Of this amount, GEL18, 393, 634 was detected as illegal. Second funded by physical entities comes UNM with GEL 7,876,625. Of this amount, illegal donations amount to only GEL 102,572.

From the total income of Georgian Dream coalition [GEL 44,578,454] GEL 4.400,000 are donations from legal entities and GEL16,708,840 both made before the legislation amendment. The abovementioned figure of GEL18, 393, 634 are illegal amount proved by the court.

As the report reveals, the UNM keeps the leading position in state budget funding with GEL 1,495,514 followed by Georgian Dream coalition with GEL 964,920 and Christian Democrats with GEL 607,818