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Friday, August 10
The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry – No evidence of the participation of Ukrainian mercenaries in the August War

According to the statement of Ukraine's Foreign Ministry, there is no evidence of the participation of Ukrainian mercenaries in the Russia-Georgia conflict of 2008. In addition, Ukraine's Foreign Ministry does not consider it appropriate to comment on the statement of “a lower level official, who does not have the authority to make foreign political statements.”

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry said that in Ukraine, as well as in all other civilized countries, use of a mercenary is punishable. On Tuesday, Russia's Investigative Committee spokesman, Vladimir Markin, said that during the war in 2008, the Georgian side used Ukrainian mercenaries to discredit the Russian army. (IPN)

Russian Foreign Ministry grateful to Georgian emergency service

Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed its gratitude to the emergency services of Georgia for saving the four Russian alpinists who were on their way to Tetnuldi peak in the mountainous region of Svaneti. The release on the official website of the Russian foreign ministry says that the group of four alpinists was caught in an emergency in the remote mountain area in Svaneti. The Russian citizens who were affected by the rock fall received medical assistance and now their health condition is satisfactory.

“We note with appreciation the effective work of the Georgian rescuers," the statement says.

The four Russian alpinists were trapped under a rock fall at an altitude of 3.6 kilometers on the way to the peak of Tetnuldi in the Mestia District of Georgia on August 4. They lost contact with rescuers as their cell phones were discharged. One of the alpinists had received a leg fracture. About 300 rescuers participated in the rescue operation, aircraft were also involved. (Rustavi 2)

Azeri students hold solidarity rally in Gori

To commemorate the fourth anniversary of Russian aggression against Georgia, the Association of Azeri Students held a support rally in the town of Gori yesterday. The students arrived in Gori from different towns of Georgia and expressed their solidarity to the locals.

The rally participants assembled in the central square of the town and marched with Georgian national flags through the streets of Gori to the memorial to the heroes killed in the war.

The Azeri students observed one minute of silence to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers. (Rustavi 2)

Democratic Movement–United Georgia will not take part in the elections

Democratic Movement–United Georgia will not take part in the parliamentary elections of 2012. The party leader Nino Burdzhanadze spoke about this yesterday at a briefing. “Today the opposition and the majority of society believe that one political force or coalition is able to defeat the existing regime in the elections. The Democratic Movement–United Georgia takes this large part of the society’s attitude into account. We say no to our own political ambitions, in order to support the opposition side. Despite the fact that our party structures and activists are ready to participate in the elections, the party made a difficult, but in this situation, the right decision not to take part in the parliamentary elections in October,” declared Nino Burdzhanadze. (IPN)

Electric power transmission resumed in Georgia

The capital and most regions of Georgia were left in a blackout during an hour and a half yesterday.

The electric power transmission has now resumed over Tbilisi and most regions in the country. Representatives of the Georgian State Electricity System Ltd (GSE) said the black-out was caused by electric power dispatching to the Imereti line that was followed by the failure.

Experts continue to work to ascertain the exact causes of the failure. (Rustavi 2)

Leader of occupational regime on integration into Russia

The occupational regime has opened talks on South Ossetia`s integration into Russia. Leonid Tibilov, the de-facto president of South Ossetia told the Russian media before meeting with the Russian Prime Minister today that "during the Soviet Union, Ossetia was divided into two parts. But in the prospect it will be consolidated again and of course in the borders of Russia."

Leonid Tibilov thanked the Russian authorities again for their financial assistance they provided for the occupation regime and strongly ruled out that there is any chance that South Ossetia would refuse rapprochement with Russia. (Rustavi 2)