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Friday, August 10
Should Georgia expect another conflict with Russian in 2012?

Four years have passed since the Russian-Georgian war and speculation on future Russian transgressions are actively discussed in Georgia. In addition, Russia plans to carry out the Kavkaz 2012 military exercises in September in Georgia’s breakaway territories.

Should Georgia expect another conflict from Russia in 2012? Rezonansi asked military analysts to comment on the issue.

Giorgi Tavdgiridze, military analyst: the fact that Russia is planning to conduct military exercises at the end of September is a kind of precondition of war. The potential threat for military aggression is very high. Russia will not even acknowledge that it will be carrying out the exercises in Georgia’s territory. As for there being any provocation from the Georgian side? This is groundless.

Irakli Aladashvili, military analyst: since 2008 many things have changed and we have a completely different situation now. Then, there was a smell of war in the air, now there is not.

“I have never felt during those four years that Russia was going to show more aggression against Georgia. I do not think it will happen this year either.”

Gia Tortladze leaves politics

Rezonansi writes that the leader of Georgia’s Democratic Party, Gia Tortladze, will not participate in the forthcoming parliamentary elections, instead he will move to the non- government sector. According to Tortladze, he will lead an NGO named The Center of De-occupation of Georia. Tortladze made this statement at a press conference on Wednesday.

“The goal of our NGO is to provide information to the population about what the occupation means. Our young people should know what real occupation means. I decided to have a break from politics and work in this direction,” Tortladze said, adding that he will return to politics at a later time.