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What types of rights are violated in Georgia most frequently?

Friday, August 10
“Based on my personal experience I think consumer’s rights are violated every day in Georgia, as in transport as in commercial institutions. Labor rights are being violated and legal rights as well.”
Anna, Employed, 35

“According to my observation rights of minorities are mostly violated in Georgia. I consider that they are not treated as they should in our country.”
Irakli, Editor in Chief, 28

“I think that the right to have a free and impartial court is mostly violated in Georgia.”
Nino, Journalist, 25

“The right to freedom of expression, labor rights, the right to be an active part of society are mainly violated in Georgia. “
Sopo, Social Worker, 24

“Everything is so politicized in the country that you can never be sure what will happen if you express your opinion about the existing situation in the country and particular individuals. So I really worry that the freedom of expression is so much ignored in Georgia- the country chasing after democratic values.”
Elene, Musician, 21

“I think the rights of property are violated in Georgia every day. From month to month I meet people who lose their property for various reasons and the state laws are written in such a way that even we, the lawyers feel desperate.”
Irakli, Lawyer, 36

“Freedom of expression is the ultimate rule of democratization. If our government really wants to make Georgia a really peaceful and exemplary country, media freedom should be ensured by all means. I mean biased and partial news organizations cause anger among society and I am afraid people will one day lose faith in TV/radio and newspapers.”
Keti, Dentist, 43

“I think political rights and freedom of speech are most frequently violated rights. One has no chance to win in court if the other side is governmental.”
Elene, Marketing manager, 32