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Monday, August 13
Patriarch Asks Congregation to Pray Harder for Peaceful Election Period

The Patriarch of Georgia, Ilia II asked the congregation on the Sunday service to pray harder to have peaceful election period. Ilia II said in the Sunday service, it is a difficult period for Georgia now and the country is getting ready for elections. “Please pray harder for a peaceful election period and for the nation to chose the one who is poor before God”, Ilia II declared.

The Patriarch blessed several surnames at the end of the service: Chaduneli, Suladze, Khvadagiani, Janiashvili and Tsuladze. (IPN)

Honorable military servicemen awarded

The military servicemen of the 31st and 33rd Battalions of III Infantry Brigade involved in ISAF mission were awarded with various medals. In total, 592 soldiers were granted special medals for Participation in Peacekeeping Operations. All of them participated in NATO-let peacekeeping operation in Afghanistan.

Captain Paata Nakani was awarded the Vakhtang Gorgasali II rank Order. Captains Boris Charkseliani, Akaki Nadiradze and Zaza Gorgodze were awarded the Vaktang Gorgasali III rank Orders. They were granted the mentioned awards for successfully carrying out several operations in ISAF mission. Minister of Defence Dimitri Shashkini and other high-ranking officials of the Joint Staff of GAF awarded the honorable soldiers.

LTC Shalva Dzindzibadze, LTC Davit Gvalia and Senior Lieutenant Giorgi Jalagonia were also given medals of “Military Courage”. 23 military servicemen of the III Infantry Brigade were awarded with special medals “Military Honor”, 43 soldiers were given medals for Meritorious Service at the Ministry of Defence of Georgia.

At the awards ceremony the Georgian Defence Minister mentioned that our country always appreciates the merit of those soldiers who do their bit in world security and Euro-Atlantic integration. (Rustavi 2)

One alpinist dies while ascending Georgia’s Ushba Peak

One alpinist died while ascending Ushba, one of the most notable peaks of the Caucasus Mountains in Svaneti Region of Georgia. Two of the three-member group is reportedly alive.

Rescuers have been trying to transport the body of the Armenian alpinist by helicopter from the slope of the mountain, though with no result, as the plane is unable to approach the slope due to strong winds.

The rescuers are not able to connect with the two other members of the group.

According to the latest reports, Georgian alpinists have already found the expedition members and are trying to take them to a safer place.

Although it does not rank in the 10 highest peaks of the range, Ushba is known as the "Matterhorn of the Caucasus" for its picturesque, spire-shaped double summit. Due to its steep profile and unstable weather, Ushba is considered by many climbers as the most difficult ascent in the Caucasus.

Ushba’s south summit is slightly higher than its north summit, which has an elevation of 4,690 m (15,387 ft). (Rustavi 2)

State Minister for Employment met with businesspeople

State Minister for Employment, Paata Trapaidze, met with the representatives of the business sector of Georgia yesterday. The meeting at the Hotel Ambassador was organized by the Businessmen’s Association of Georgia and over forty business authorities attended.

Paata Trapaidze introduced a six-point plan of unemployment reduction prepared by his office to the businessmen. The head of the newly formed office says the main role in the process of reducing unemployment should be played by the business-sector after the ministry staff accomplishes work on creation of a unified data base of the job seekers in Georgia. (Rustavi 2)

Georgian delegations protest followed by referees disqualification

The protest of the Georgian delegation at the ongoing London Olympics was answered with the disqualification of freestyle wrestling referees on Saturday.

Georgia`s Vladimer Khinchegashvili won the Olympic men’s 55kg freestyle wrestling silver medal after being defeated by Russia’s Dzhamal Otarsultanov in the final at London’s Excel Arena on Friday.

Despite the Georgian wrestler’s successful fight, his Russian was awarded the gold medal.

The Georgian delegation objected to the referees’ impartial decision. The referees were disqualified, although the final results of the tournament have remained the same. (Rustavi 2)

142 Georgian nationals to be deported from Turkey

142 Georgian nationals detained during a special operation in Turkey will be deported to their homeland.

The large-scale operation was carried out in the village of Eskipazar three-days ago. Police found illegal workers in a three-story block of apartments in the village. They were working in the nut-tree plantations.

As reported, most of the detainees were female and they were living in unbearable conditions.

The Turkish authorities refrain from releasing additional information regarding the detention. (Rustavi 2)