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How often do you read books? What type of genre would you prefer to read?

Monday, August 13
“In general, I really like reading books, but unfortunately I don't have much time for it... I love reading historical books, as I am really interested in the history of world! One more thing, I try to read Russian and English books to improve my skills in these languages.”
Saba, Entrant, 18

“Well, unfortunately due to my busy working day I do not have much time to read. In general, I enjoy reading. Prefer detective and historical books.”
Anna, employed, 35

“Recently, I prefer to read online books because it is expensive to buy books at bookstores. I think in order to stimulate people to read more books, book prices should be decreased. A student who has no job, no stipend cannot buy books that cost GEL 30-40.”
Lela, student, 20

“I do not have time to read frequently. In general, I like historical novels. When I have time, I read them with pleasure.
Nino, Journalist, 25

“I read books quite often. I don't have any particular favorite genre, but lately it happens so that I read mostly fiction. In general, I like modernist and post-modernist writers.”
Sophio, Language Specialist, 24

“I would not be sincere if I say that I read books every day or every week. I was reading books more frequently when I was a child. Now, I am so tired at the end of my working day that I have no strength to read books and I prefer to play with kids in the evening. However, I think reading is very important especially for youth for their future development. I would like to add at the end that computer will never replace books and all parents should suggest children to read books.”
Guram, economist, 41

“I read novels– mostly classics. I read several books per year. And mostly I read e-versions it is very convenient.”
Salome, student, 18