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In your opinion, who has more of a chance to win the majoritarian race: Candidates from the National Movement or the Georgian Dream?

Tuesday, August 14
“I live in Mtatsminda and I voted for ruling party candidate in previous elections. Now they presented the same candidate and I will not vote for him this time, because he gave us a lot of promises but our living conditions have not even slightly improved.”
Neli, housewife, 58

“I do not know because none of the politicians came in our district and met us. That is why I have no idea who is a majoritarian candidate from ruling party or opposition.”
Vaso, taxi driver, 42

“I am from Gldani and I am voting for Soso Jachvliani from the Georgian Dream. I think he is a real patriot. He often visits us and meets people. We like his point of view about the development of our district. In addition, he promised to create more opportunities to employ more people. I trust him so far.”
Lali, accountant, 32

“I am from Saburtalo and I am going to vote to Jondi Baghaturia. I do not like either the National Movement or Georgian Dream.”
Lena, pensioner, 66

“Georgian Dream for sure. I would like to say to National Movement – you being in power is enough, now it is time to go home.”
Givi, temporarily unemployed, 37

“I am from Isani and I should note that most of the Isani residents are pro-government. I am not voting for the National Movement, but no doubt national Movement candidate will win in our district.”
Meri, teacher, 34

“To tell the truth I do not know who our district candidates are.
Natia, student, 19