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Do you think that service has been improved in Georgia’s tourist places?

Wednesday, August 15
“I think that it has partially improved but still, conditions need to be changed...these improvements are not enough.”
Nino, Teacher, 24

“I do not think that the service has improved. This improvement is not really visible. The worst thing is untidiness near the tourist areas and this is due to the neglect of the local people. Some days ago I came across the situation. There are really amazing areas in Georgia, however, when somebody visits them they do not care that they should pick up their dust and think more how they leave the territory.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

"Yes, it has been improved and I can feel it anywhere I go, beginning from Tbilisi cafes and bars ending with hotels out of Tbilisi. I was in Batumi a week ago and their service in the hotel is almost same as abroad in 4-5 star hotels. I am very glad to say that Georgian service is approaching western standards. It will be very helpful for developing Georgian tourism in future."
Levan, Manager, 38

“Well, I think that compared to former years, service in tourists areas has really improved in our country. It’s my personal observation.”
Tiko, Language specialist, 27

"I cannot say because I do not have vacation and I have not gone anywhere from Tbilisi. Generally, I think it should have been improved because people employed in the sector get more experience every year and accordingly their service should be improved. This is very important for attracting tourists."
Gaga, IT Specialist, 25

"Well, people should have a culture to behave as they should with the tourists and clients. The majority of Georgians lack of this culture and this is true. Sometimes I feel guilty when I am ordering some food at a restaurant or cafe because the waitress is looking at me with an angry face. It is not only me who has the same feeling. So everybody employed in such places should care about their places image first of all. As soon as the client meets discomfort he/she will never visit the place again."
Sophie, designer, 30

"It has been improved for sure. I am happy to see how the tourism sector develops in Georgia and along with the sector developing, service is also improving."
Dato, student, 20

“No, waiters and receptionists still have some difficulties with politeness and smiling. It needs more times to improve I guess.”
Temo, psychologist 32