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Thursday, August 16
How can Georgia restore its territorial integrity?

20 years have passed since Georgia lost control over Abkhazia. Now the country has two breakaway territories. The military confrontation in Abkhazia lasted for 13 months and 13 days and finished with the fall of Sukhumi, the capital of the Abkhaz Autonomous Region on September 27.

Over 10, 000 soldiers and civilians died on the Georgian side as a result of the military confrontation in Abkhazia. In addition, 300, 000 people were forcefully displaced from their homes.

During the conflict’s 20th commemoration day, Rezonansi asked various public figures their opinion on the restoration of Georgia’s territorial integrity and the normalization of relations with the rebel region.

Giorgi Otkhmezuri, Historian: “If we want to see results, Georgia should begin direct dialogue with the Abkhazians and the government should regulate relations with Russia. Unfortunately, as time passes, the chance of resolving the problem will decrease. The Abkhazians are not in a good situation and there are some Abkhazians who want and are trying to regulate relations with Georgia. Georgia needs to carry out proper diplomacy in this regard.

Gia Maisashvili, Director of Leaders’ School: “The key point is for our country to be fair and attractive for foreign investment. Nowadays I see no lever by which the country can restore relations with the breakaway territory.

Nukri Kantaria, Director: “The current Georgian administration has the wrong policy in regards to the rebel territories. I am sure that as soon as the government changes, Georgia will have more chance to resolve the conflict.”

Eliso Chapidze accuses UNM

In her interview to Kvela Siakhle, Eliso Chapidze, a majoritarian candidate representing the Georgian Dream, says that some people are always following her car, taking photos and watching her daily route. “If it is an attempt to frighten me, I would like to announce that I am not scared of anything and if something happens to me or my relatives, the president and National Movement will be responsible.

Chapidze links this fact to Pavle Kublashvili from ruling United National Movement who is her opponent in the majoritarian race in Tkibuli. Chapidze says that she will hold a briefing in the near future about this subject. Before the briefing she sent some materials regarding this allegation to various embassies.