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Do political advertisements have an influence on your voting choice?

Thursday, August 16
“No they do not, because I have made my choice long before the elections and do not care what kind of political advertisements are on the air. I have noted recently that there are some organizations making black PR for certain political figures. I find it terrible because the election campaign should not aim to offend and assault anyone. I would be happy if the pre-election campaign would be held in a fair environment.”
Marina, Marketing Manager, 37

“At a certain point it influences my mood and choice yes. TV ads are good for people who are uncertain of what kind of choice they should make. But finally, I am voting for who I am considering appropriate for the position.”
Nika, student, 21

“Of course not, it does not matter what the politicians are promising on the TV, I am pretty sure that all these promises are unreal, so I am not even going to the elections.”
Marika, housewife, 52

“Sure, I always watch political advertisements and I listen to them carefully. In some ads there shown periods which we may not remember, so I think it has a big influence on people during the voting. However, I would like to mention that I do not like, in addition– I condemn– those political ads which are done to discredit political parties or politicians. I think TV channels should not allow those ads to be on air.”
Keti, Sales Assistant, 25

“No definitely not, as the reasoning of my choice is too deep to get influenced by an advertisement. However, I believe that it influences a sufficient number of people, as the majority of people lack a deep reasoning.”
Nukri, Physician, 29

“I’m a bit of an emotional person and I think it really has an influence on me. However, I am against the so-called attack advertising. I do not like it at all.
“Nika, architect, 37

“Well, I can say that a political add might have some emotional connotation. However, I can say that such advertisements will not affect my political taste.”
Mzia, Teacher, 50

“They do not have any influence on me, as I know very well who is who. However, I consider that on some voters they might play some role.”
Anna, Employed, 35