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No Georgian toponyms in the breakaway region

By Messenger Staff
Friday, August 17
After 4 years since Russian aggression against Georgia PM Medvedev visited breakaway region (South Ossetia). He passed the route where Georgian villages located before the war. There were demolished completely by the tanks during and after the war. Now de facto leadership of breakaway territory announced that they are going to demolish even the ruined buildings and clean up the territory.

As de facto president of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov stated on the territories of former villages different industrial and agricultural objects will be situated. Of course there will be no room for old Georgian villages’ names. As he promised they will not damage Kekhvi church. In 3-4 years one will not recognize the place, announced so called president.

Detailed plan how Russian supported separatists are going to fight Georgian names was given by Tibilov in his interview to Russian paper Izvestia. Russian inspired separatists want to completely erase Georgian trace in the territory.

Georgian officials immediately responded to Tibilov’s statement. MP David Darchiashvili labeled this act as” humanitarian evil”. Similar pathos was given by offcial statement by Foreign Affairs.

Most of the Georgian analysts are asking questions how the west is going to react upon this act. So far western reaction is limited by concern. Of course Georgians are not naive to think that western power or NATO will get involved in the conflict. But still the Georgians expect more viable pressure on Russia.

On the other hand the issue becomes very acute on the eve of parliamentary elections. Georgian leadership is trying to avoid touching this subtle topic. It tries to put responcibility for starting the war on Russia thus to promote its formula according to which the opposition Georgian Dream coalition is a Moscow project. Ruling party tries to speak about success it achieved thou it is unlikely that such a touchy point for Georgian citizens, as lost territories, will be disappearing.