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Who would you like to see as the next president of Georgia?

Friday, August 17
"Much depends on the parliamentary election. But I want to see a better one, one who will lead the country's foreign and internal policy better than the current president.”
Kakha, economist, 27

"I think Irakli Alasania is the most appropriate candidate. He is educated with ample international working experience. Besides, as a personality he is very calm and adequate, which in my opinion are crucial features in a president."
Maiko, nurse, 35

"I think David Bakradze is a very good candidate. I used to know him as a diplomat and a presidential post fits him very well."
David, student, 23

“I am not sure; there is no distinguished person whom I can say that I want him/her as a president. Maybe someone will appear with new and prosperous plans.”
Nato, housewife, 56

“I want Ivanishvili to be my president. He is the only one I will vote for in the presidential elections. He is a real patriot and a real Georgian man.”
Otar, pensioner, 67

“Well, I want Georgia’s next president to be a woman. However, I do not see anybody in Georgian politics that would be appropriate for the post. I want a woman president because women’s rights will be better protected and women will be appointed to higher positions in the government structures as well. I support more women in politics.”
Mariam, student, 20

“None of the potential candidates from the ruling or opposition parties presented. I have not a direct answer, unfortunately. There is no candidate I'd vote for.”
Nino, Language Specialist, 24