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What do you think about Bagrati Temple’s new facade?

Monday, August 20
“Personally, I like it … I support the restoration of Bagrati Temple, but the new green roof does not look nice.”
Natia, dentist, 35

“It looks good I think, I have seen a couple of pictures and it is fine. I didn’t expect it to be so good.”
Temuri, student, 19

“Indeed it is better than it was in its ruined condition, but I am concerned whether it will maintain itself on UNESCO’s list.”
Giorgi, economist, 43

“Unfortunately I have not seen the renovated temple yet and it will be hard for me to express my viewpoint but I hope they have preserved its uniqueness.”
Gizo, Translator, 32

“I like the structure of the new building, but frankly, I don’t like the color of its roof which is orange.”
Davit, Engineer, 28

“I wished they would have left the temple alone and kept its original facade.”
Magda, Journalist, 23

“Well, I think that the renovated Bagrati Cathedral is really amazing. I like it very much. It is amazing.”
Anna, Teacher,24

“In General I think that Georgian Patriarchate should make a comment on such kinds of issues. I consider that the old image of the temple should have been preserved 100%. It is my personal attitude concerning the issue.”
Bachana, a Company Employee, 23

“Unfortunately, I could not see it and it is difficult for me to comment on something I have not seen with my own eyes.”
Zaza, Security Specialist, 37