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Do you think construction safety standards are followed in this country? How safe are new buildings in your opinion?

Tuesday, August 21
“If we take the speed of a lot of construction into consideration some doubts might arise concerning the safety of the process. Each building no matter the size is being built in record time…one thing I am sure is that construction needs serious attention and time as it concerns not only the safety of the workers but also the people who will live and work in the building after it is completed. Thus, it is a serious issue…”
Levan, Student, 21

“I don't think construction safety procedures are being followed as I frequently hear that somebody was injured while working on the site, somebody died after falling down or part of the building has fallen down and so on. Such occasions make me think that something is wrong concerning this issue.”
Ani, Teacher, 23

“Well, I think that construction itself is a good thing. It is nice when something is being built. Lots of nice places have been built recently however one thing I cannot accept is that something must be built and opened by officially mandated deadline. In such cases construction might be dangerous if it is hastened. The most important thing is ensuring high safety standards.”
Gvantsa, Language Specialist, 25

“I think buildings are supposed to be safe, but time will tell, as they are supposed to withstand earthquakes, and weather conditions for at least 100 years. As for the process I am not sure whether it is safe enough, at least among Georgian-based construction companies."
Anri, manager, 26

“They should be pretty safe as technology and engineering has significantly developed recently. However the raw materials they use are perhaps of low quality.”
Nina, accountant, 30

“Buildings are constructed in conditions of Georgian capitalism with no quality control from governmental agencies. I don't know, I don't think buildings are safe enough.”
Levan, MA student, 25

“I am not sure whether the engineers check the ground for construction in our country as they do in European countries and I have unfortunately heard of several cases when newly opened buildings were demolished by the lightest rain. I think people in general prefer buying or hiring apartments at old buildings rather than new ones for reasons of safety.”
Natia, Architect, 37

“I live at a new block of flats at Vazha-Pshavela Avenue and I like it very much. I find my flat quite safe and nice at the same time.”
Elene, Painter, 27