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How safe do you feel in Georgia?

Thursday, August 23
“I feel quite safe compared to the 1990s when the streets were dark everywhere and people were scared to return from their jobs at night but we are facing a new danger politically nowadays.”
Tornike, Economist, 24

“I do not feel safe in Georgia at all because as a future journalist I am deprived of the right to express my opinions freely; moreover under the current political regime I cannot do what I think is right. I also dislike the partiality of this society which endangers that most valuable thing called liberty. ”
Zakaria, MA Student, 23

“I can say that compared to a number of years ago I really feel safe. I can say that I feel 95% safe currently. There is a serious difference between how it used to be and now, I could not have said that several years ago.”
Nino, Teacher, 24

“ If you don't so certain things you will be quite safe.. It depends on what you say and where you say it. It is just another issue, but safety is not a simple thing: it includes several important factors…”
Lasha, Musician, 30

“It depends on what point of view we view the issue from. The crime rate has seriously dropped-that's a fact. From a political and financial point of view the situation is different, in this regard I don't feel safe and I think no one who has different political views from the current government does either."
Anna, Journalist, 35

“ I feel safe when I walk in the street . I am not afraid that money will be stolen from my bag, telephone and so on. But, on the other hand I'm not free to talk about my political views as I or my relatives might have some problems. If I don't change my views about the current government my safety might come into question."
Gvantsa, Language Specialist, 25