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Gabal radio location system in Azerbaijan to be removed

By Messenger Staff
Friday, August 24
Russia is exploiting the radio location system in Gabal on the territory of Azerbaijan. It has been paying a leasing price of $7 million annually. However, current relations in this regard between Russia and Azerbaijan have come down to the deadline. The station is located on the territory of 52 hectares. Around one-thousand Russian troops and their families are stationed there. Earlier this summer Russian military leadership recommended to the family members to start moving to Russia; as it looks like there would be no deal between the two countries on the further exploitation of this station. The Gabal radio location station covers the territory of 6 thousand kilometers and it is part of the Russian system of anti-missile defense. Since 2011 the two countries have been negotiating over the new terms of the lease. Azerbaijan started bargaining from $15 million, gradually increasing the demand– currently it is asking $300 hundred million annually for leasing the Gabal station. It is unlikely that the Russians will agree to these terms and most likely will remove it from Azerbaijan to some other place.