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Would you tell the truth if asked about your political sympathy?

Monday, August 27
“Actually I do not like talking about my political preferences because as a journalist, I may be associated with that party but this is my citizenship opinion at work. I am absolutely balanced and motivated to give facts not share opinions.”
Elene, Reporter, 27

“Yes, I would be, because I have no political sympathies but most of Georgian society has and it's dangerous for their future career.”
Zakaria, Researcher, 34

“To tell you the truth, I am always sincere when I am asked about my political preferences. May be there are people for whom it is better to hide but I am not among them.”
Bachana, a company employee, 22

“I have no reason to hide what I think about this issue. I do not hide what I think regarding some political parties.”
Mani, Journalist, 28

“Well, I prefer not to state about my political taste, as in case I speak loudly about it I can be left without a job.”
Nino, Teacher, 24

“In most cases I would not hide my political sympathies, but also it depends on who asks about it”
Maka, Customer Service Representative, 34

“I support Bidzina Ivanishvili’s Georgian Dream political coalition and I never hide my sympathy towards this person and his team because I think Ivanishvili has done a lot of things for the country when he was just a businessman and not a political figure."
Ilia, Writer, 37

“I think everything and everyone is politicized in our country so I just do not like talking about my political preferences to anyone, sometimes I even mistrust myself because sometimes I get at terrible loss and find it hard to gather all my arguments on why I like or dislike a particular person or a team. Unfortunately, I mistrust everyone leading the current political campaigns in Georgia and I think I will vote for some unknown party during the parliamentary elections just not to let the ruling party to falsify my choice.”
Natia, Interpreter, 26