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How viable is the insurance system for pensioners?

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, August 29
In November last year, the government announced a new insurance reform for pensioners. According to this initiative, pensioners reaching 67 years would receive a pension of up to 140 GEL and this includes insurance for 15 GEL. It was also announced that children up to 5 years of age would also be insured. Some analysts challenge the enthusiasm of the government and suggest that by using a simple calculation, a single pensioner requires at a minimum 500 GEL to live. In addition most pensioners, due to their financial problems have not visited doctors for a long time, therefore in the beginning the pensioners will be queuing at doctor’s offices and laboratories which will create very difficult situation. Most analysts suggest that this program is a PR stunt by the current authorities to create a favorable situation for the elections. The project starts on September 1, 2012.