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Compiled by Ana Robakidze
Wednesday, August 29
Gia Tortladze searches for KGB agents in the electoral lists

Newspaper Resonansi states that Gia Tortladze has reminded the government that the so-called Freedom Charter exists in the country and that they are ready to create a special commission immediately, which was due to be created in January the following year. This means that all information available on those who are willing to participate in the upcoming elections and that ever had anything in common with the Soviet government can be made public by the commission.

The main point of the charter is to make sure the government will not be comprised of people who have had connections with the KGB. In case such individuals decide to participate in the elections the information about them will become available to the public.

The charter has not come into force yet and the commission under this document was due to be created on January 1 of 2013. The proper function of the commission is also under question, as special informational bases will be required, which currently do not exist and will take some time to be created.

Resonansi states that implementing the new charter can be undesirable for the current government, as many of their representatives are suspected in being connected to Soviet authorities.

Gia Tortladze claims that the commission should be created as soon as possible and this is very important: “People need to know whom they are voting for in the upcoming elections” he says. There is serious suspicion however that the government will try to use the charter as a weapon against the current opposition.

The representatives of the opposition parties do not believe that it is possible to actually implement the charter. There are no proper informational bases in the country; they simply do not exist, as a large part of state archives was taken to Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union” says the representative of the Christian Democratic Movement, Levan Vephvadze.

Nana Kakabadze: "Either international organizations need to speak up about what is actually going on, or the opposition parties should set up a boycott against the elections. There does not seem to be any other way to avoid bloodshed in the country.”

Akhali Taoba interviewed expert in Human Rights Nana Kakabadze, where she expressed her concerns regarding the current situation in the country. President Saakashvili thinks that he is not a temporary ruler of the country, elected by the people. He will never let anybody take the country from him, which he considers to be his property. He (Saakashvili) is capable of everything, this is what he has confirmed numerous times and that is the major threat. The government will take any illegal step to stay in power,” Kakabadze says.

She sees the way out in the readiness of society to protect itself. One of the tools can be international organizations, in cooperation with international experts and the activity of people. As per Kakabadze, it is necessary to make it clear for the government that using force will be mindless…The upcoming election will be the best way for them to give away the power and retire.